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Aug 23, 2013 5:00am EDT
you in a bit. >> the justice department is d suing the state of texas over the new voter i.d. law. it's trying to intervene in the redistricting case. minority groups have raised concerns that the new laws are discriminatory but republicans in texas insist it's designed to stop voter fraud and governor g perry is saying the white housee is trying to do an end around in recent supreme court decisions. >> big news in entertainment this morning. hollywood has chosen the newest batman. exciting a lot of people are questioning the casting here. we'll have more on that. mor cog up. >> playing host to the 2016 limb picks and -- olympics and there's a big mess. what could be hund 10,000 tons of dead fish found in rio's olympic village? >> make headlines this morning, a disturbing statistic from the united nations. it says there are more than one million registered child receive fewees -- refugeees from the syrian civil war. >> a computer glitch halted trading on the nasdaq yesterday for three hours. and the sec wants answers. they are struggling to find out what went wrong in what is called a
Aug 21, 2013 5:00am EDT
is estimate add $35$ million. >> what? >> that's a lot. texas republican is weather more than 100 mill and the virginia v senator is estimate at 88 million. the hills manager editor spoke with fox 5 explaining how issa rose to the >> he founded a car security system called viper. different assets over the years whether it's stock market or other things will elevate member wealth. >> wow to you make the right moves, right restments and -- right investment as come up with a company you can get paid. >> you can do well.o >> from the wealthiest lawmakers to the highest paid tv actors. tv guide is out with the annuala survey and topping the list forr comedies is two and a half men star ashton kutcher. he is reportedly raking in some 750,000 an episode. how i met your mother's jason siegel came in second and amy poler of park and recreation came in third. by the way, judge judy is the biggest earner of tv genre gen taking in just a lowly $47 million a year.ll >> yeah. >> i don't know how she's surviving off 47 million a year. >> right here on fox 5, too, by the way you can catch her.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2